Dr. Bhawna Prasad DDS

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Finding the right Crystal Lake dentists may seem like a tough challenge, but since you're at Windsor Dental, you're guaranteed to have the best possible dental care. Dr. Prasad stands out as a leading dentist in Crystal Lake, completing countless hours of education, procedures, and more. Her dedication to dentistry goes beyond a simple cleaning or service. Please read more below about Dr. Prasad and see the lengths that she goes to ensure every patient is getting the best dental care possible.
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Bhawna Prasad, DDS
I have practiced as a general Dentist in Crystal Lake for over 19 years. 
My scope of Dental expertise encompasses such procedures as restorative, crowns, bridges, veneers, removable dentures, implant restoration, periodontal management, endodontic procedure (anterior teeth and premolar teeth), teeth whitening and extractions of deciduous teeth.  I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.  Prior to Dental School, I worked as a Dietician after earning a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition from Wayne State University in Detroit.  
I have enjoyed providing Dental care to children and adults for the past 19 plus years. I am self -motivated, resourceful, energetic, and independent. I am committed to providing quality dental care in a caring and compassionate manner.  I take pride in my ability to be able to soothe anxious patients and establish a mutual trust, enabling them to feel comfortable in accepting my treatment recommendations and feeling comfortable in the treatment chair. This greatly increases my ability to provide the recommended treatment with efficiency and speed.  I strive for perfection in my work and truly value my patients which has enabled me to establish strong relationships.  I like to be able to help patients with improving their smiles and overcoming their fear of dentistry.
I believe as a Dentist, I am a combination of Doctor, Engineer, Artist, and Psychologist.  This combination has enabled me to be a successful Dentist and provide quality patient care by building a strong connection and bond with patients.  To every patient, their smile is precious, and I feel that it is my responsibility is to take a personalized approach to every patient. No matter what a patient’s dental concerns and needs are, I believe creating a genuine connection with my patient and providing them with excellent, individualized care helps provide a positive patient impact.  I am extremely passionate about my career as a Dentist and take pride in the strong relationships I have established with my patients and colleagues throughout the years. I have seen patients come into my practice as a toddler and are now college graduates pursuing their dreams.  I have patients I started seeing as teenagers and are now bringing in their own kids for treatment at my practice. I have adult patients who came in with crippling Odontophobia and 19 years later they continue to tell me they enjoy coming to see me as their Dentist. All these experiences have humbled me and have motivated me to constantly improve my clinical and chairside skills so I can help my patients with their smiles and help overcome their fear of Dentistry.  
I enjoy working with patients of all age groups. I also believe that providing quality Dental Care requires the knowledge and use of the most current Dental practice methods and technologies.  As a result, I take advantage of ongoing education in both General and Cosmetic dentistry.  Every year I am committed to taking courses and CE classes to enhance my skills and stay on top of recent advances in dentistry. This helps me cater to my patients’ dental care needs efficiently and expertly, providing them with exceptional care in a comfortable and trusting environment. I am also an active member of the American Dental Association and the Chicago Dental Society.
I am also strongly committed to establishing an exceptional relationship with my colleagues and co-workers based on respect, patience, mutual understanding, and trust.  I believe that a  more relaxed and mutually enjoyable work environment projects a calm and confident dental office environment that the patients can trust and enjoy visiting.
Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and my 15 year old son. I also have a spoilt pet bird Dusty (cockatiel).  I also love to cook and travel.