Dentist Crystal Lake Composite Fillings

Crystal Lake Dentists Restore Your Decayed Tooth with Composite Fillings

When patients have cavities, they are often treated with a procedure called a filling. The basic process for this involves the dentist removing the decayed portion of the tooth and using another substance to fill the space. Composite fillings and amalgam fillings are the most common materials used in this procedure. Your Crystal Lake dentists at Windsor Dental are seasoned professionals when it comes to fillings and choosing the right material for each individual. 
Composite fillings have several benefits. This type of filling material can be closely matched to the color of a patient’s teeth, making them a good option for front-facing or highly visible teeth. They also offer great durability for small to medium-sized cavities. When compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings usually require less tooth removal. Beyond just cavities, composite fillings can also be used to treat chipped or broken teeth, or to decrease a gap between teeth. 
If you have a cavity that needs filling, the procedure will start with Dr. Prasad numbing the area where the filling will be. We will then remove the decayed sections of the tooth or teeth, and then treat the teeth with a substance that helps form a strong bond with the filling material. Then, the filling is applied in layers which build up to a complete filling. After a short amount of time, the composite material hardens and we'lll smooth and polish the material so that you have a comfortable bite. 
A filling doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking procedure, and the benefits of composite fillings can preserve your dental health! Windsor Dental, your Crystal Lake dentists, are here to help you maintain a healthy and happy smile. 
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